Community-Based Campaigns

Marketing Services

Issue education, public awareness and media campaigns are most effective when they are locally driven – local voices, local persuasion, big impact.

The success of your campaign can be directly tied to your ability to make your central issues relevant and applicable to local constituents or consumers. Through them you earn media exposure and attention from lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

You might have a strong national presence, but how’s your reputation within key congressional districts or designated market areas (DMAs) that are central to your campaign? When it comes to local influence, we provide a full range of community-based strategies and tactics to ensure your campaign gains entrée into key local markets to have the impact you need.

We maintain a nationwide network of on-the-ground communications, political and marketing specialists in every DMA in the country. Leveraging their understanding of area markets and relationships with local business and political leaders, community groups and local media, we tap into local resources, involve influential local voices in campaigns, generate positive media coverage that echoes campaign messages, and put a respected “face” on an issue campaign.


We provide a knowledgeable, reliable and immediate on-the-ground presence to conduct an array of community-driven grassroots activities, including:

  • Gathering community intelligence, conducting market assessments and shaping local strategies around unique opportunities;
  • Identifying and developing relationships with like-minded third-party allies and influencers who can serve as local champions for your issue;
  • Conducting public education and advocacy recruitment around your issue campaign;
  • Developing grassroots and grasstops campaigns to generate support from third-party allies;
  • Buttressing efforts with local paid and earned media programs to amplify campaign messages;
  • Partnering with community- and faith-based organizations to extend the reach of your campaign;
  • Generating turnout for community events, from education and recruitment drives to speakers bureaus; and
  • Building relationships with local media representatives to encourage placement of positive stories and media attendance at local events.

By embracing a localized approach to your grassroots education or marketing initiative, we can help you maintain and grow your community presence and harness the power of your local influencers.