Marketing Services

Proper advertising begins with proper positioning.

At The Kelly Companies, we understand that achieving maximum market exposure for your brand or issue campaign could spell ultimate success or failure for your effort. To get maximum reach and reception among your target audience, we rely on a research-driven approach to identifying the most effective advertising and marketing messages that strategically position your organization or issue.

It starts with our writers and designers who are specifically trained in advertising and messaging to deliver hard-hitting copy that captures attention and resonates with your audience while staying message-focused. Based on research-driven messaging, we ensure effective media placement both online and off, target traditional media and new media outlets, and work in a range of advertising tactics to ensure maximum exposure of campaign messages.

Advertising Tactics

  • Online media
  • Print advertising
  • Integrated media buy packages
  • Blog monitoring and placement
  • Direct marketing
  • Microtargeting/microcasting