Kelly Green

At The Kelly Companies, we are committed to lowering our impact on the environment each and every day.

Using a more natural soy-based ink to print on FSC-certified paper, we are able to have more control over the amount of natural resources we consume. As opposed to petroleum-based ink, an ink that is soy-based requires less energy to create and reduces air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions. Our FSC certification guarantees that all of our paper supplies come from forests that meet strict environmental and social standards.

Our proofing is completed online to lessen the amount of paper waste created daily. All byproducts of jobs are recycled, including the aluminum plates and excess paper, and we also reclaim inks.

The Kelly Companies are also regarded as a zero landfill manufacturer – meaning that our reusing and recycling efforts allow us to avoid contributing to landfills. We monitor our power consumption each day and incorporate wind and solar power to lower our output.

As every move we make affects the environment, we are continually looking for ways to protect our Earth’s natural resources.

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