K-Learning Group can provide you the level of expertise and experience you need.

You may have read articles about the successes of online training. You know that other organizations jumped right into e-Learning without planning, and you don’t want to make that costly mistake.

Professional Training Services

K-Learning Group provides a range of professional training services which enable you to run your online training initiative smoothly and efficiently.

We can provide your organization with:
  • Online Training Consulting Services
  • Online Training Strategy
  • Project Management
  • LMS configuration and deployment
  • Learner Statistics and Analytics
  • Transition and Deployment Management from other systems
K-Learning Group can partner with you to perform a comprehensive online training analysis which will result in a planning document that will show you in simple terms where you are, where you want to be, and everything you need to do to get there. You’ll then have total control of your online training implementation project.