Event Management

Convention Services

Convention Services Unlimited (CSU) offers off-site, preliminary meeting and pre-planning support critical to the development of a successful event.

We will coordinate with you and the hotel representative to manage every detail in advance to create a smooth program during your event.

CSU also offers on-site event management to ensure your event is flawlessly executed. Our professional staff will manage all of the planned events and quickly handle any unexpected on-site needs as they arise.

Below are several of the services we offer:

  • All aspects of meeting management including meeting room sets, audio/visual, event layout and flow
  • Customized catering menu selection
  • Production management, staging and event schedule
  • Pre-Convention meeting
  • Theme and décor
  • Budget development and financial management
  • Travel, housing and reservations management
  • Event promotion and registration
  • Transportation, outings, child care and entertainment
  • Video production, transcripts and duplication
  • Reservations, transportation and VIP check-in

CSU will assist with the post-event reviews, data collecting and reporting to set up repeat events for future success.

  • Conduct evaluations & data collection for group’s reference for future planning
  • Prepare final reports
  • Finalize billing, review hotel charges for accuracy
  • Facilitate payment process and finalize budgets